Old Tech Finds – Autumn Delights

Another muddy car boot this morning, but well worth slipping and sliding for the gems we managed to pick up.

Similar colour, both obsolete, 40 years apart.

First a crusty but classy Dansette Companion radio, from way back in 1964, which cost £2. It’s seen better days but the colour is still really strong and the tuning dial is working, this would make an amazing portable internet radio.

I’m thinking the original dial could be repurposed to switch between favourite stations, and those great big rotary controls on the top corners could be converted to microswitches (as seen in the Flirt Pi). With the amount of space inside a full-size speaker and Pi could be used, for better audio quality and quicker boot times – this may be the perfect project to make use of the PiJuice rechargeable battery.

Next, a Nokia 3650 mobile phone, in incredible condition, also £2. Dating from 2002 it had one of their “experimental” keyboard layouts – this one even came with a 16mb SD card and unscratched integrated camera . After a battery swap and a charge it seems to be working fine, I just need to find a full-size SIM card for it. It’s a very tactile handset and I could well see myself using it for work calls.

Today’s star buy however was a Pioneer CT-W 205R cassette deck, slightly risky at £10. I have a small vintage Pioneer collection, most of which has been in our family since it was new in the 70s, and I’ve been after just the right tape deck for several years now.

Most of the old “silver” ones have perished belts and take a lot of tlc, but this is a later model and works perfectly – it’s almost identical to the unit that saw me through university in the early 90s. Sitting in front of it & playing the cassettes I bought & made in the 80s earlier was just like stepping into a time machine, something about the buttons, sound quality and VU meter provoked a strong and warm nostalgic response, perfect for an autumnal Saturday afternoon.