About Old Tech. New Spec.

Hard at Work

Hello! I’m Martin Mander.

I love the design and ambition of vintage technology, and the accessibility and potential of newer tech like the Raspberry Pi – my passion is bringing the two together.

I’ve been hacking old electronics with the Raspberry Pi for several years now, making projects like the Pi VCR, Google Pi Intercom and Alexaphone, and the whole process is so much fun that I had to share it.

Join us as we scour the secondhand sales of Norfolk looking for old, unloved or broken classic tech to transform into something new. After finding the tech we’ll cover all of the stages of the project: dismantling, coming up with the concept, prototyping, building and coding.

There’ll be some helpful hints and tips along the way, and the kids will be there to help me out when I get stuck, all under the ever-grumpy eyes of my harshest critics, Luna… 

I’ve seen better projects in my litter tray.
If it’s not an automated cat feeder I’m not interested.

…and Rumble.


We’ll try out some of the latest Pi accessories in “New Spec Review” features and see how these can be used in old tech conversions.

We’ll also look back at some previous projects in what I call “Retro-spectives” to see if they still work and whether they can be fixed or improved.

Keep an eye on the blog for regular project and tech hunting updates, and check out the YouTube channel at bit.ly/oldtechtube , also join in on Twitter @OldTechNewSpec.