The Game: Screen Cuts

With the TV dismantled  the next stage is to start fitting the other parts together, firstly the siren. The siren needs to poke through the TV screen, so the first order of business was to cut a hole for it.

Initially I thought of using a hole saw, but the screen is so bendy and fragile I had a feeling that would end in disaster. I decided to use the Dremel to nibble through the plastic, later using a sanding attachment to clean up the hole.

It all went really well, all limbs and digits are still intact and the hole is both the right size and neatly cut. It fits perfectly over the siren, and test-fitted together with the TV it’s really starting to take shape.

Next on the list is fitting the siren permanently in place, and sorting out some kind of translucent image for the screen, one that will display the different lights controlled by the Raspberry Pi but not let you see all the way inside the TV

Project updates so far:

1: LCD Shutters
2: LCD Glasses
3: TV Teardown

Once complete there will be a full YouTube video so you can follow along and make your own!