My Newest Vice

No old tech finds at the car boot over the bank holiday weekend, but something even better – a modelmakers vice. This thing is brilliant, it clamps onto the workbench making it easy to move around, and swivels all over thanks to a ball joint in the base. 

Best of all its jaw opens wide enough to hold a full-size Raspberry Pi – not that I’d often grip a Pi in there but sometimes full-size HATs need some kind of soldering and it’ll be great for that.

It’s quite an old one, no visible brand but really well built, the lever brake applies smoothly to the ball joint when you have your angle selected, and it’s held rock solid. It also has a cool if slightly perished rubber gasket around the ball joint that reminds me of old car gearsticks.

Up to now I’ve been using a small suction vice when soldering, but that sucker has never really worked reliably and it tends to skate about on the bench. This is a definite upgrade and only set me back £4.