Poise on a Budget

I like to record voice tracks for my videos, but with a Pi, cables, keyboard etc strewn around the desk a microphone on a stand can really get in the way, as well as picking up unwanted noise.

I decided an anglepoise stand would be better, less intrusive and more versatile. As usual I decided to make rather than buy, saving the money for more old tech and Pi accessories.

The car boot was kind as ever and I got an old angle poise lamp for £3 as a starting point. The shade part removed quite easily, and its swivel bracket was adapted to hold the mic with some hacksaw trimming and drilling (and meccano).

My mic has both a standard and 3/8 (camera tripod) mount, so I was able to repurpose a thumb-wheel bolt from an old selfie stick to fit it to the anglepoise bracket.

With all of that assembled solidly, if slightly inelegantly, I turned my attention to the ‘pop’ filter. My daughter handily had a spare embroidery

hoop and I tracked down some old speaker covers in the garden shed.

A bit of a trim and the speaker fabric was snugly fitted into the frame. Next I secured the assembly to the angle poise arm with some cable ties and a flexible metal “goose neck” from a USB LED strip I picked up for 50p at a sale over the weekend.

It was great fun to make, works well and cost practically nothing!