The Game: LCD Glasses

The Game is coming together, using the fancy new black hot glue I’ve now added the LCD shutters to a pair of old shades for testing. 

They’re now fully wired up to a 3.5mm stereo jack plug and cable, which clips into a socket connected to the Pi’s GPIO. The gif above shows the shades turning opaque and clear based on a Python script.

The shutters are working well, the GPIO control pulls them from clear to dark instantly, so far I’ve tested intervals as short as 0.3 seconds with no problems.

They really mess with your vision when wearing them (which is the entire point!) but the shades make the whole experience a bit darker than I’d hoped – mind you I’ve only tested them in the workshop so far, which is a bit dim.

What’s The Game all about? Keep your eyes on future posts! The next stage is dismantling a 1980s portable TV.