Half Hour Hack – a Rabbit Ears @KodiTV case

I recently repaired the wall-mounted TV in my office (capacitors again), and decided it could do with an OSMC box, so that I’d be able to easily choose a movie or some music to have on in the background while working. The plain Raspberry Pi in a case didn’t really fit in with the rest of the decor, so I decided to give it a new/old home.

Rabbit Ears Kodi Box in action.

I started by taking apart an old “rabbit ears” TV aerial, stripping out the minimal internals (I’m sure decorative aerials were and continue to be the snake-oil of TV accessories). From here I drilled some holes to secure the Raspberry Pi board…

Bolting the Pi in place

… then used a Dremel cutting disc to chop out the rear of the case, allowing the Pi to peep out.

Holes are a bit untidy, good thing that’s the back!

I also chopped out a couple of holes for the Pi’s HDMI and power cables, so that all of the leads would emerge tidily out of the rear of the case. Although the OSMC menu is controlled with an infrared remote I didn’t need to add an IR diode to this box as I’m using a USB receiver, an old Microsoft Media Center unit.

Cables are kept tucked away

I’m really pleased with the end result, and the transformation from a Pi and cables to something much more decorative took literally half an hour.