A Regal Find

As if to coincide with the Royal Wedding, Saturday’s car boot yielded this super-cute Crown (SWIDT) CRP-418 portable cassette recorder!

It’s a great little thing, slightly bigger than a Sony Walkman but outwardly in good condition. Inwardly there’s a world of corrosion, the slide-out battery pack contains what were once four AA batteries.

It does have a 6v DC power socket, but although there was some whirring when I plugged in its vital signs were absent. This must have been a pretty handy thing back in the early 70s, and the tape that was in it contained some authentic dictations recorded with the built-in microphone you can see on top.

This is going to make a great project for a later date. Because of the period the external case is all-metal and screwed together, so it’ll dismantle without trouble. Also it’s the ideal size, plenty of space inside for a full-size Raspberry Pi and maybe even a couple of HATs and a battery. A portable internet radio using the original 3.5mm headphone socket and controls would be awesome, or staying closer to the original it could be a digital recording machine, maybe using a USB sound card to connect the original microphone, performing some speech to text conversion.