@Raspberry_Pi Projects – Assemble!

Earlier this month I pulled together all of the projects I’ve worked on so far in 2020, for a mid-year class reunion!

Say what you like about 2020, it’s not been bad for projects so far.

The idea was to see if I could get them all working at the same time for a photo opportunity. Inevitably one or two needed a tweak, but thankfully three had their own batteries, so I didn’t need to break out too many USB cables.

One quick upgrade I made is to the Tele-LED timer, it now lights up its LEDs in random colours instead of keeping them all red, and at the end of the hour it beeps like the BBC Radio “pips” instead of just monotonously.

The Tele-LED’s random colours are a lovely addition to the office.

Not all of the projects have been published at the time of writing, but the Merlin Pi camera is pretty much ready to go, I just have to finish off editing the video. That’ll be followed in July by the Dansette Pi Internet Radio and the Chiming Desk Clock, I just need to motivate myself to finish off the write-ups!

My favourite so far ? That wouldn’t be fairĀ  – but if I whisper, it’s between the radio and the clock, they’re both so clean and simple.

For now it’s on with the next project, which involves dozens of cassette tapes, a motor and more than a few RGB LEDs – watch this space.