New Project! The 1979 Merlin Pi Camera

This broken old Merlin handheld game is now a tactile, practical case for a Raspberry Pi High Quality camera.

The interchangeable camera lens peeps out from what was the battery cover on the rear, and on the front, the matrix of buttons has been replaced by a HyperPixel four inch capacitive touchscreen.

Still, video, timelapse and slow motion modes are all available on the colourful touch menu, as well as the option to bulk-upload the captured photo and video files to Dropbox.

Additional touches include a handy tripod mount in Merlin’s base, and hardware buttons to manually capture images and video.

This build was a lot of fun, the case specifically was lovely to work with, and had plenty of space for components, for once. I did destroy the battery cover and had to make a new camera mount from perspex, but otherwise things went pretty smoothly!

Full details of the project are on Instructables and Hackster, and the code for the touchscreen menu is on GitHub.

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