We’re in @TheMagPi Issue 94!

Rumble the cat is very excited to be featured in The MagPi this month, alongside the Apollo Pi thermal camera. He thinks this could be his big break, and is waiting by the phone for the Whiskas people to call.

Aside from the cat it’s a lovely four page feature, covering the transformation of an old microwave detector into a modern thermal camera, built with a Raspberry Pi and components from Adafruit.

It was a fun project to build and it’s a thrill as always to see it featured in the MagPi.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, Issue 94 is a right rivetin’ read, with everything you need to know about the new 8gb Raspberry Pi 4, as well as Dan Aldred’s fantastic Giant Battleships on p24 and an article about HQ camera options that I’m saving for a quiet moment.

I imagine shops still exist and are selling magazines, just in case though you can order a hard copy online or download a free .pdf version.

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