Final Word in the MagPi

It’s always great to have a project featured in the MagPi magazine, but this month they asked if I’d like to write something for the “Final Word” column – I couldn’t say no of course!

I don’t pretend to be a great writer, and the brief was pretty loose, so I decided to stick to what I know and talked about my first experiences with the Raspberry Pi – somehow spending nearly a year building the Raspberry Pi VCR.

Pi VCR at the Raspberry Pi 3rd Birthday event.

It’s also quite a personal piece explaining how tinkering with the Raspberry Pi and VCR project helped me stay relatively sane through some dark & difficult times.

My bit’s just inside the back cover, and there’s loads of other great content this month, some very cool projects and an especially useful “Starter Electronics” guide that genuinely helped fill in the gaps of my self-taught component knowledge. You can grab The MagPi issue 91 in shops or at


2 thoughts on “Final Word in the MagPi”

  1. I loved your article Martin. It struck a chord with both my wife and I. I totally agree that having something to do and exploring your curiosity is a helps combat stress. I would so far as to say it is the bed rock of a healthy lifestyle. Looking forward to you future projects.

    1. Thanks so much Gareth, it was therapeutic to write, made my wife cry (in a nice way) so mission accomplished. Enjoyed looking around your website, you work in a fascinating field! The amiga-generated newton’s cradle you show in the presentation video really took me back to the animations of the old Mike Oldfield videos of the late 80s 🙂

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