Not for Conversion

This slightly toasty early 80s cassette player was picked up alongside the Crown recorder at Saturday’s car boot – £5 for both (bundlemania as the kids call it).

As usual I plugged it in out of curiosity and stone me it worked, though the pitch varies a bit, probably a worn out belt in there somewhere. I was fascinated to listen to the tape that was left in the Crown portable player, it contained some music taped off Radio Norfolk (paused at just the right points when the DJ piped up) but also some dictations from what I firmly believe to be a gas appliance salesman.

I’ve not had a working cassette player for a while and I’m really enjoying digging out our old mix tapes, from the days when we’d keep a stack in the glovebox of the car.

The sound quality can’t compare to the likes of Spotify of course, but for background music in the workshop it’s a tactile and fitting addition. I think it’s safe from the screwdriver (for now).

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