Weekend Gala

Fantastic weather for the car boot this weekend, I went with several things in mind and found the first one almost straightaway, a pocket transistor radio, £1.

Harvard’s not a huge brand but it’s a really nice little unit – no FM option so without an external aerial. I’ve been after something similar for a while, they have a great look and come apart easily (this one just clips closed). Not much to discover online about it, all I could really find were similar radios for sale, in a range of colours.

The plan is to build something small and functional in the case, as ever keeping true to the spirit of the original. I’m really enjoying playing with the Pimoroni Phat DAC and Phat Beat at the moment, small amplifier boards for the Pi. I think they’d fit really well – in fact the tuning dial on this radio is ideally placed to display the LED VU meter on Phat Beat.

So far I know I want it to play audio – I’m leaning towards making it an internet radio with presets for my favourite stations, or maybe a podcast player or airplay speaker. To stay true to the original it should really be portable as well, but adding in power to the case may make fitting everything in a bit tight. A voice assistant would be another option, but I’m pretty tied to a Pi Zero with the size and they run best on a full size board.

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