Sunday Concert Boy

Terrible weather over the weekend, the car boot consisted of a veg stall and a coffee van. Still there are Old Tech bargains in other places, and Gumtree came up trumps with this lovely 1975 Grundig “Concert Boy 1100” radio.

It was a steal at £5, but much bigger in real life than I’d anticipated from the photos.

For a 40+ year old radio it’s in amazing condition, but nervously plugging it in out of curiosity was shocking – in a good way.

The sound quality of this thing is just amazing. It has a really full and rich sound, like a valve radio. My father always lamented getting rid of his Grundig RadioGram and I can see why if it sounded like this, I was genuinely surprised and impressed.

Before picking it up I was wondering what I could build into the case, or how I could re-use those lovely tactile slide controls, but now I know how it sounds it’s 100% safe from the screwdriver. I even may put up a new shelf in the bathroom for it.

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