Walkman Phones

It’s always good to hit the car boot as early as possible, last week we got there while some sellers were still setting up – and it was worth it, I picked up these sweet Sony Walkman headphones (MDR-3l2) for just £1.

Amazingly they not only work but sound great and are surprisingly comfortable. They shipped with the iconic Walkman TPS-L2 back in the very early 1980s – the first portable cassette player.

There are clues to this heritage in the design – for example the cable is a whopping two metres long (try untangling THAT) reflecting how previously you’d be tied to a static player and would need a long cable to avoid throttling yourself taking a sip of tea.

Headphones are one of my favourite things to pick up at sales, they’re super-easy to test before you buy and even 45 year old cans like my go-to Wharfedale DD1s are still practical and comfortable to use today. I can’t wait to kick back in a deckchair with these retro Sonys if the good weather ever arrives.

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