This Partly Sucks

A great Gumtree find last week, a robot hoover for £5. I wasn’t expecting much but knew I’d be able to cannibalise it for motors, sensors and maybe even a battery.

Its charging station was dead, no voltage at the contacts, so I rewired it slightly and bingo! One robot trundling around the workshop. The root cause of the charging circuit’s problem was a blown ceramic capacitor, replaced with a new one from Maplin costing 3p.

With the station working the hoover would now obediently find it and self-charge, it must emit an IR homing beam.

Lots of fun for the £5.03 outlay, but it’s not really practical for our rooms, too many obstacles and it’s not all that smart, though it does clean well and leaves cool spiral patterns behind it.

Sadly the cat flatly refused to ride on it in a shark costume.

I may still have it apart, though I like the way it wanders around on its own. Maybe I’ll hack the working parts into a more interesting case.

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